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Abrego, Katherine World Language   My Website  426-7646 
Allegretto, Tara Science  My Website  426-7646 
Barlow, Sallie Paraprofessional-Special Education  My Website  426-7690
Barry, Joanna Mathematics  My Website  426-7646 
Battisti, Laura World Language   My Website  426-7646 
Baumgartner, Karolyn Science   My Website  426-7646 
Bennett, Carrie Secretary - Assistant Principal
 My Website  426-7648 
Berechid, Bridget Science  My Website 426-7646 
Biddle, Megan Library Media Specialist  My Website 426-7685
Blank, Aaron Interim Assistant Principal    My Website  426-7674 
Boa, Alixandra English  My Website  426-7646
Brainard, Catherine FLEX/Special Education   My Website  426-7646 
Brant, Sara Counselor   My Website  426-7651
Bremer, Kathleen
Mathematics  My Website 426-7646
Brownell, Lee Secretary- LMC
 My Website  426-7685 
Burgess, Brendan
Business  My Website 426-7646
Byrne, Sabrina
Athletic Trainer  My Website  426-7646
Caffrey, Alysia Special Ed   My Website  426-7646 
Cambareri, Virginia World Language   My Website  426-7646 
Canfield, Christian Science- Department Chair
 My Website  426-7646 x6519
Canty, Tim Math Department 
 My Website  426-7646 
Carley, Christopher Science   My Website 426-7646 
Carpenter, Lisa Math Department  My Website  426-7646 
Carroll, Megan Math Department
 My Website  426-7646
Cartisano, Jean
  426-7646 x6589
Childs, Matthew PE/Health
 My Website  426-7646
Chow, Sarah World Language   My Website  426-7646
Condon, Lisa
Paraprofessional- Special Education
 My Website  426-7646
Corbo, Elaine Attendance
 My Website  426-7656 
Croce, Deidre Guidance Counselor
 My Website  426-7651
Crooke, Chelsea Business Department
 My Website  426-7646
Dalton, Anne Nurse   My Website  426-7649 
Dannen, Mary Secretary - School Counseling Office
 My Website  426-7651
Davey, Kathleen PE/Health - PE Teacher
 My Website  426-7646 
de Brantes, Nathalie Assistant to the Principal
 My Website  426-7689 
Deeb, Amy Social Studies Department Chair
 My Website  426-7646 
DeJulio, Timothy Science-Co Director APSS  My Website  426-7646
Dellasala, Jennifer Social Studies   My Website  426-7646 
Demers, Sharon Database Coordinator   My Website  426-7646 
DeVellis, Christine Paraprofessional-Culinary  My Website  426-7646
Devine, Paul
 My Website  426-7604
Diaz, Joanna English   My Website  426-7646 
Dietter, Candace Social Studies
 My Website  426-7646 
Dnes, Danielle
Math Department
My Website
Dugan, Karen Secretary   My Website 426-7646 
Dyer, Michael Science   My Website 426-7646 
Eckhardt, Kurt Music   My Website  426-7646 
Edwards, Jason Social Studies   My Website  426-7646 
Ekman, Eric Science   My Website  426-7646 
English, Jan Guidance Counselor
 My Website  426-7652
English, Kristin English   My Website  426-7646 
Faiella, Gino
Director of Facilities  My Website  426-7615
Fedak, Cara Secretary- Assistant Principal  My Website  426-7646 
Ferrier, Jason Social Studies   My Website  426-7646 
Filmer, Janet Math   My Website  426-7646 
Flannery, Alison World Language   My Website  426-7646 
Foss, Dave Social Studies   My Website 426-7646
Francke, Clare Secretary-School Counseling Office
 My Website  426-7652
Gabriel, Janice Theatre
 My Website  426-7646
Gacso, Stephanie Culinary
 My Website  426-7646 
Gellis, Elissa Continuing Education  My Website  426-1787
George, Steve Tech Ed   My Website  426-7646 
Georgina, Fawn Science   My Website  426-7646 
Gerace, Mark PE- Health Department Chair
 My Website  426-7646 
Gonski, Jill Special Education   My Website  426-7646 
Hall, Eugene Math Department Chair
 My Website  426-7646
Hanna, Elizabeth English  My Website  426-7646 
Harrison, Trent Science  My Website  426-7646 
He, June
 Chinese  My Website
Hiscavich, Michelle  Music- Department Chair
 My Website  426-7646
Hoag, Jennifer Psychologist   My Website  426-7646 x6685
Hoagland, Lori Culinary  My Website  426-7646 x6560
Hoffman, Marion Secretary - Assistant Principal
 My Website  426-7648 
Holst-Grubbe, Erik
Business Ed & Applied Tech Department Chair
My Website
Hoyt, Kevin Paraprofessional-Special Education  My Website  426-7690
Huettner, Jennifer World Language   My Website 426-7646 
Hyman, Paige Math
My Website
Jauregui, April World Language   My Website 
Jones, Michael English
 My Website  426-7646
Kapitan, Lisa Guidance Counselor   My Website  426-7652
Kaplan, Jacquelyn English   My Website  426-7646
Kenney, Marc English   My Website  426-7646
Kenny, Jamie
World Language  My Website  426-7646
Kiely, Randi Social Studies   My Website  426-7646
Kimball, Colleen FLEX/Social Studies  My Website  426-7646 
Klaube, Elizabeth Science  My Website  426-7646
Kulikowski, Jacqui
Secretary, Chartwells
 My Website  270-6134
Kuroski, Thomas
 My Website 426-7646
LaBarge, Wendy
 My Website 426-7646
Latowicki, Kitty Career Center Coordinator
My Website  426-7679 
Lee, Christopher Music  My Website  426-7646 
Lombardo, Cheryl Physical Education   My Website  426-7646 
Longobucco, Kim Assistant Principal   My Website  426-7646 
Lowell, Kim Science   My Website  426-7646 
Lye, Richard English   My Website  426-7646 
MacKrell, Martha Tutor Center Coordinator   My Website  426-7646 
Malary, Steve Science   My Website
Manfredonia, Jeanette Science   My Website  426-7646
Manning, Dana Assistant Principal  My Website
Manos, Charlotte Math   My Website 426-7646 
Marak, Jill Music   My Website  426-7646 
Marks, Abigail Department Chair, English   My Website  426-7646 x6522
Marti, Lauren Guidance Counselor   My Website  426-7652
Martin, Karen Paraprofessional-Special Education  My Website  426-7690
Matson, Jane Music   My Website  426-7646 
McConnell, Susan Science   My Website  426-7646 
McGrath, Jane Paraprofessional-Special Education  My Website  426-7690
Mclean, Laura Physical Education   My Website  426-7646 
Memoli, Matthew Director of Athletics   My Website  426-7655 
Mendes, Ana Guidance Counselor
 My Website  426-7652
Merritt, Doreen Science
 My Website  426-7646
Metz, Anthony Social Studies   My Website  426-7646 
Metz, Jessica
 Social Studies
  My Website
Meyer, Lisa Social Studies
 My Website 426-7646
Michaud, Marc Social Studies   My Website  426-7646
Milano, Jean Secretary -Main Office   My Website  426-7646
Modzelewski, Debi Secretary- Athletic Director
 My Website  426-7655 
Monroe, Ellen Special Education   My Website  426-7646 
Mullen, Shawn Greenhouse
 My Website  426-7646
Murphy, Kelly Math Department  My Website 426-7646
Narayanan, Lisa Paraprofessional - Science Department
 My Website  426-7646 
Nichols, Bret Director School Counseling Office
 My Website  426-7652
  Nicholson, Darryl  Science
  My Website  426-7646
Nowak, Lisa Paraprofessional-Special Education  My Website  426-7690
O'Callaghan, Margaret
Special Education
My Website 426-7690
O'Connell, Jeremy Physical Education   My Website  426-7646 
O'Donnell, Maryann Paraprofessional-Special Education  My Website  426-7690
O'Sullivan, Geraldine Science   My Website  426-7646 
Obloj, Ed Social Studies  My Website  426-7646 
Olmos, Paula World Language  My Website  426-7646 
Ornaf, Michael
My Website 426-7646
Ostar, Cathy School Counselor- Co-Director APSS
 My Website 426-7652
Pace, Dacia Special Ed   My Website  426-7646 
Parille, Kristi World Language   My Website  426-7646 
Parsons, Sayward
My Website 426-7646
Parvis, Martha Social Studies   My Website  426-7646 
Pattison, Robert
Social Studies
 My Website  426-7646 
Pellegrini, Dominika Psychologist   My Website  426-7646 
Puzarne, Aaron Special Education, Department Chair   My Website  426-7646 
Paulsson, Stephanie Science  My Website  426-7646 
Pearson, Christopher
 My Website  426-7646
Pelligra, Carol Art   My Website  426-7646 
Person, Susan Paraprofessional-Special Education  My Website  426-7690
Pescarmona, Thomas Social Studies   My Website 426-7646 
Pickering, Debra Math  My Website  426-7646 
Pompano, Mark
Director of Security
 My Website  426-7646 x6121
Poppe, Marena
Special Ed Secretary
 My Website  426-7690
Powell, Karen
 My Website 426-7649
Raccio, Keristen
 My Website 426-7646
Radachowsky, Jennifer
Special Ed.
 My Website  426-7690
Ragaini, Peg
Career Center
 My Website  426-7679
Reichin, Lisa Special Education   My Website  426-7690
Riccio, Mimi Resource   My Website  426-7690
Richardson, Daria
Social Studies
My Website 426-7646
Roach, David Interim Principal   My Website  426-7689
Rovello, Jim English   My Website  426-7646
Ruscitti, Maria Graphics
 My Website  426-7646
Saladin, Larry Social Studies   My Website  426-7646 
Sheridan, Lisa Math  My Website  426-7646 
Shilstone, Martha Social Worker   My Website  426-7646 x6125 
Skolas, Carol Art   My Website  426-7646 
Smith, Maureen Paraprofessional-Special Education  My Website  426-7690
Smuniewski, Mary English Department  My Website  426-7646
  Stamm, Stacy  Tech Ed/Video   My Website  426-7646
Strait, Carl PE   My Website  426-7646 
Swanhall, Marty Science   My Website  426-7646
Swann, Jolene Business   My Website  426-7646 
Swift, Kathy English   My Website 426-7646 
Tallcouch, Tim Science
My Website 426-7646 
Tenney, Brian
MY Website
Thomas, Jacob English  My Website  426-7646 
Thornton, Dimitri Psychologist  My Website  426-7646 
Tierney, Shawn Math   My Website   
Toby, Michelle English   My Website  426-7646 
Tolson, Jeff Guidance Counselor
 My Website  426-7652
Torrance, Melissa Science   My Website  426-7646 
Tuz, Kirsten Paraprofessional-Special Education  My Website  426-7690
Tyler, Suzanne Social Worker   My Website  426-7646 x6675
Villodas, Carol
Secretary, Teacher Department  My Website  426-7646 x6577
Violette, Kristin Computer Technology   My Website  426-7646 
von Oy, Suzanne Math   My Website  426-7646 
Ward, Elizabeth World Language Department Chair
My Website 426-7646 x6576
Watts, Judy Paraprofessional-Special Education  My Website  426-7690
Zandonella, Liza Library Media Center
My Website 426-7685
Zimmerman, Suzanne Secretary, Nurse Office
 My Website  426-7649
Zukowski, Tammy
English My Website 426-7646
Zuvanich, Sandy Special Education   My Website  426-7646